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The Miners Registry

An electronic registry of the miners who have toiled in the past and up to the present in the coal mines of the microregion is underway.

The project seeks to register the names, dates, location of mines worked, union affiliations and other geneaological data of miners that date back to the early days of mining in Athens, Hocking, Morgan and Perry Counties, through current day mining operations. This data will be entered into an electronic data base that will be available to the public. Ancestors of deceased miners and current day miners will receive a basic receipt for entry into the registry. Matted and framed certificates with the name of the miner can also be purchased from the Little Cities Council and these sales will help offset the cost of the project.
For more information about the project contact Miners of the Little Cities Registry director Cheryl Blosser at the Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council.

Miners of the Little Cities Registry Available Online at the Little Cities Archives!!!

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Miner Registry


Click Here to download the Miners Registry (Oct 19, 2008)

Click Here for a Printable/Downloadable Registration Form.

Return completed registry forms to
Little Cities of Black Diamonds Council
P.O. 128
Shawnee, OH 43782