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Picture Description People in Pictures Town Call Number Pictures
Coal Mine # 25 (formerly Sunday Creek Coal mine #275)
Chauncey LC-PH- 203
Scenes at Buckeye Lake (4 Photos) Unidentified young people at the park
LC-PH- 204
Bearfield Houses (Near Mine # 322)

LC-PH- 205
Mine # 256
Glouster LC-PH- 206
Mine #14
Glouster LC-PH- 207
Sunday Creek Coal Co. Mine #10
Glouster LC-PH- 208
Perry County All Star Basketball Banquet Fred Davidson, Roger Davisson,Ron King, Darrell Gutridge, Bob Hughes, David Harley, Walter, Harrop, Paul Miller, John Fulk, Lynn Robers Shawnee LC-PH- 209
  Perry County Baseball Champs Players not identified
LC-PH- 210
A .H. Carnes Business Block and Store (Sm)
Nelsonville LC-PH- 211
The Carpenter Hardware Company (2 copies 3X5)
Nelsonville LC-PH- 212
Ransbottom Bros. Pottery Co. , Roseville. Largest stoneware plant in the world

LC-PH- 213
Livery Barn at Sunday Creek Store # 117
Corning LC-PH- 214
  Sunday Creek Company Store No. 122 (Duplicate) Note dresses Sugar CreekTrimble LC-PH- 215
Interior of Garrison and Curran Hardware Clerk or owner at counter not identified Corning LC-PH- 216
Interior of Clover Farm Store Left to right: Dustin Nicholas, Betty Heid, Dick Nicholas Shawnee LC-PH- 217
Wm. Sonneberger Paint and Paper Store
William Sonneberger Paint and Paper Store
William Sonneberger on far right Shawnee LC-PH- 218
Bruce Hannah--Baby Picture Bruce Hannah Shawnee LC-PH- 219
Railroad Map of Ohio ( 8 photos)

LC-PH- 220
Poston's Company Store, Poston, Ohio (Interior view) Note dress of shoppers
LC-PH- 221
Old "Y" Bridge, Zanesville, Ohio (2)

LC-PH- 222
Flash Brick Co. on Z&W RR E.M. Starner, Supt. and Mine Boss. Operated by Shawnee Flash Brick of Columbus Shawnee LC-PH- 223
Claycraft Factory No. 1
Shawnee LC-PH- 224
East Main Street Buildings
Shawnee LC-PH- 225
High School Teaching Staff T.K. Owens, Principal; Sara Crawford, Commercial Instructor; Ethel Bates, English,; Reda Gray, History, Foreign Language Shawnee LC-PH- 226
St. Bernard's High School Class Picture Students not identified Corning LC-PH- 227
Central School Building (2)
Hemlock LC-PH- 228
Bower Bros. Livery, Athens, Ohio

LC-PH- 229
St. Mary's Rectory
Shawnee LC-PH- 230
Elementary School Building
New Straitsville LC-PH- 231
Opera House (Miller's Hall)
Hemlock LC-PH- 232
Blast Furnace King Gilbert & Warner Co. of Toledo, OH opened these blast furnaces at Moxahala in 1879. The firm built some 50 houses which gave Moxahala a boost in becoming a town. The furnace operated successfully up to the mid 1890’s. they were closed and out of business in 1896.
Moxahala LC-PH- 233
New York Central Round House (2 Photos)
Corning LC-PH- 234
duplicate of LC-PH-50 New York Central Rail Yards
Corning LC-PH- 235
Oil House at South RR Yards
Corning LC-PH- 236
duplicate of LC-PH-49 New York Central RoundHouse
Corning LC-XC- 237
Monroe School Classes-- Group Photograph Grades 4-8 Jess Drake, Teacher, Smith Mcartor Principal Drakes LC-PH- 238
Railroad Yard Office #737 (3 Photos) The yard office (#737), with its distinctive tower was built in 1906. Access to the tower was first gained by a trap door 2X2’6” located in the tower door. The office was nearled doubled in size with a 15’ x 20’ addition built in 1912. At that time, a new outside entry was constructed to the tower along the south wall of the building. Notice the notch in the roof corner above the bay window allowing freight car clearance. This building extended six feet over the east bank of Sunday Creek. Unidentified man on steps (maybe Pat Clifford?) Corning LC-PH- 239
duplicate of LC-PH-34 Marble Games near Railroad Tracks (4 Photos) (1)Charlie Gohring, Dicky Marfell, Willie Redfern
(2) Dicky Marfell, Springer boys, Ralph Fitzer, Ellic Oris, Charlie Gohring
Hemlock LC-PH- 240
  Mine # 268, Sunday Creek Coal Company (2 Photos) Andrew Wilson, Corning, Supt. and Mine Boss
Isaac Hill, Inspector
Rendville LC-PH- 241
  N. Y. C. Freight House
Corning LC-PH- 242
  South Valley Street -Early Scene --Looking Southe L-R: Rosenboom Jewlelry; K of P Hall----Hermey Bldg. Corning LC-PH- 243
  South Valley Street, Looking North Left side: Library-Monahanns' Bldg.Corning Movie (Davie)
Right Side: Large Brick Bldg, K of P; Rosenboom Jewelry; churry's Bar
Corning LC-PH- 244
  Train Wreck at Moxahala Tunnel (2 copies)
Moxahala LC-PH- 245
  Unidentified Train Wreck (2 copies)

LC-PH- 246
  Steam Shovel, Early Strip Mine (2 Photos)

LC-PH- 247
  Old Stone Church Ruins
New Straitsville LC-PH- 248
  Mac McQuade Band Three band members not identified New Straitsville LC-PH- 249
  Hunters (with dogs) Hunters not identified Hemlock LC-PH- 250
  A.K. Schentz Company Store at Buchtel (3X5) A.K. Scjemtz
LC-PH- 251
  Early Boy Scouts Unidentified Boy Scouts New Straitsville LC-PH- 252